changing the perspective

I change the perspective to transmit your message effectively to your audience.


Based on a source text, I translate coherently into the target language and use the correct technical terms.


Transcreation goes beyond translation: This process carries your brand and what your company stands for to meet the context, language and culture of your target audience. The result is a customized text that expresses your idea with your client’s words.

Search Engine Optimization

Your clients need to find you online with just a simple click. To do this, I can produce search engine optimized texts if needed. This process includes researching key words in another language and region as well as writing or translating an optimized text.

Writing texts

I choose the right words to deliver your message effectively to your target audience. If you already have a text, I can edit its grammar, spelling, and style.

Interpreting meetings & conferences

I am there for you at your conference and online or offline meetings to interpret oral communication – remotely or in person. If needed, I can organize teams of interpreters covering a wide range of languages.

Language and intercultural trainings

I offer language and intercultural training tailored to your needs and goals. This could be in preparation to a meeting, a stay abroad or simply to better understand your business partner.

German – English – Spanish – French – other languages

My own working languages are German (my mother tongue), English, Spanish, and French. However, if you need another language that I cannot cover myself, I will refer you to the most competent colleagues offering a wide range of different languages.

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