Interpret | Translate | Write

Interpretation, translation and text production for German, Spanish, French and English

 You want to conquer the international market with your business? I will bridge languages barriers between you and your client, so you can enter the new market without difficulties. I am your translator, your interpreter and your coach – your expert in the field of languages. Also, I will prepare you for cultural differences that might hinder the communication between you and your customer.


There are different methods used – together we will find the one that suits your purposes.


Simultaneous interpretation

During simultaneous interpretation I am in a soundproof cabin and I hear the speaker through headphones. At the same time I repeat the speech in the desired language into a microphone. The simultaneity of this mode can save a lot of time.


Consecutive interpretation


Taking notes of the original speech, I can repeat sequences of 5 to 10 minutes in the desired language. The two languages alter and therefore enable the speaker and the audience to pause. Additionally, it does not require any technical equipment.


In order to shape the internationalisation of your business as smooth as possible, I translate your website, your marketing material and all other texts you need to enter the new market.

Draft & Revision

You have a brilliant idea, but you do not know how to put it in words?

It is my pleasure to write your texts. You explain your idea and I draft the text according to your personal needs and wishes. You need information about a specific topic and you do not know where to start? I can do research work for you to any topic needed. I am trained to search and select the relevant information to a topic as fast as possible and I am happy to take over this task for you.


In case you have a text ready, I do the correction and revision of it concerning grammar and style.